Dear Praem Capital community!

The main purpose of the “Token Sale” was to raise the “Soft Cap” by attracting a large number of retail investors.

Praem Capital’s partnership with the Hedge Fund was directly linked to the interest in our technology and investment solutions.

The uptrend of Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins hit hard at attracting investors via “Token sale”. Due to the inability to act in the current environment and the difficulty of predicting the “Soft Cap” reach, we announce the end of our partnership with the Hedge Fund.

The Fund returns the unclaimed amount from the 6mln tokens allocated…

Praem Capital

Dear Praem Capital community!

As you already know, our main goal is to create the Praem Ecosystem with products that solve the problems of the largest audiences of the financial market: Investors and Traders of all levels.

The Praem Capital “Token Sale” is the first stage of our journey to create the ecosystem. Its main goal was to raise funds to develop the ecosystem and train our technologies, which would help us improve trading accuracy, increase project capitalization and strengthen the value of the PRM token.

Learning trading algorithms would never be possible and would be very different if only…

Praem Capital

👋 Dear Praem Capital community!

👉 We are glad to inform you that negotiations with a large private investor on raising funds have come to an end with success. Very soon our team will be able to start the active phase of the ecosystem development.

‼️ Due to this event, we will terminate the registration of new users on the Praem Capital platform after 48 hours. The sale of PRM tokens will be terminated 72 hours after the end of registration.

🎯 Attracting investments is the first stage of our path to create an exchange and its main goal was…

Praem Capital

Cryptocurrencies, which skeptics have long dubbed “money out of the air,” are increasingly becoming a part of day-to-day life.

The global recognition of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. Still, so far, it has practically not touched the financial elites — business and investment leaders, one word that can set the trend for the entire market.

However, there have been more and more such exceptions lately. Besides, some skeptics, who doomed cryptocurrencies yesterday, started to recognize their right to exist.

What we’re going to talk about is how billionaires, one by one, are fundamentally changing their attitude towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Praem Capital

The Praem Capital team would like to announce important project updates: Starting February 24, the token sale terms will change!

(Pay attention to investment plan updates)

The Praem Capital team has been successfully paying profits to its investors for the last 2 months.

At the start of the project, the hype around bitcoin happened; on the other hand, it helped make good money, reflected in the token rate (rate growth by 33% in 2 months). However, it prevented the project from attracting investments.

In this regard, We decided to extend the Public token sale for another 3 months.

Praem Capital…

Praem Capital

The cryptocurrency market has recently faced a new trend — non-fungible tokens (NFT). NFT is a type of unique non-identical digital assets, which are not subject to an equivalent exchange. Experts are inclined to believe that NFT tokens can create another boom in the market, like ICO or Defi once did. Experts’ opinions on the ability of NFT to compete with Defi tokens and the possibility of making money on this asset vary.

For example, billionaire Mark Cuban noted in the AMA session that the segments of decentralized finance (Defi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) are doomed to become popular cryptocurrency…

Praem Capital

The pandemic impacts almost every aspect of life and business. The question of how it has and will continue to reshape FinTech has been a major concern for industry members. Financial sector experts agree that a new era for FinTech is coming, and the old expectations and ways of doing business no longer apply.

The biggest challenge for small- and medium-sized enterprises and consumers is basically the same — a sharp income decline. The market volatility is also not reflecting what is happening right now, which creates a lot of uncertainty for businesses that run on AUM (assets under management)…

Praem Capital

The widespread of blockchain technology has affected many industries, expanding its scope far beyond cryptocurrency. From IT, blockchain has various applications in this area. Let’s take a look at how blockchain technology has been implementing in the IT field.

1. Integrity and data control. The cloud architecture, being the core of various security technologies, is vulnerable due to its centralization. Separate servers need to conduct and receive data operations continually; each of these servers can suffer due to hacker attacks, thereby putting the entire system at risk. The blockchain operates automatically, while systems and algorithms control interconnected devices. With this…

Praem Capital

Blockchain technology has been gaining increasing popularity among many enthusiasts. The constant improvement of the code and fixing bugs has led to its active promotion and strengthened trust.

The application of blockchain in FinTech is extremely diverse and not just limited to cryptocurrencies. Banks have a key interest in the application of blockchain due to the fact that the technology allows for simple contracts to be concluded automatically, without the need to involve intermediaries.

Similarly, blockchain technology plays a key role for financial organizations, as it allows them to solve such problems as:

1. Security. Today every piece of information…

Praem Capital

In modern financial technologies, robotization should be highlighted as one of the developing directions.

For example, Sberbank announced its intention to release about 3,000 lawyers and transfer the function for creating claims to robots soon. Bank of America recently implemented machine learning to analyze currency strategies. Leading Japanese banks plan to automate about 30,000 workplaces because, according to the outstanding banking sector specialist, the traditional business model has lost effectiveness in current conditions and does not provide adequate profit generation opportunities.

Japanese business publication Nikkei, Mizuho Financial Group, writes that this year, they plan to replace more than 8,000 employees…

Praem Capital

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