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3 min readApr 16, 2021


Praem Capital

Dear Praem Capital community!

As you already know, our main goal is to create the Praem Ecosystem with products that solve the problems of the largest audiences of the financial market: Investors and Traders of all levels.

The Praem Capital “Token Sale” is the first stage of our journey to create the ecosystem. Its main goal was to raise funds to develop the ecosystem and train our technologies, which would help us improve trading accuracy, increase project capitalization and strengthen the value of the PRM token.

Learning trading algorithms would never be possible and would be very different if only one or a few large private investors were involved. Every Praem investor is important, who have made a passive contribution to improving algorithms’ accuracy and strengthening Praem Capital’s position in negotiations with institutional investors.

As you may recall, Praem is built around the concept of risk resilience, and the Hedge — Fund participation in our system plays a key role.

The upward trend of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins has hit hard at attracting retail investors via “Token sale”.

That is not a problem anymore, and we can proudly say that all “Token sale” participants will be able to benefit from this situation.

Trade automation is only a part of our future ecosystem, and along with it, we were engaged in the creation of another component — Praem Exchange. You have heard a little about this product from the CCO and CEO interview, our roadmap and press releases. Since this is a completely new approach and unique functionality that is not yet on the market, we do not disclose all the details, but we will briefly introduce you to the main characteristics of the new project.

Praem Exchange is a next generation derivatives exchange offering functionality that solves the main problems of the largest audiences in the financial market. Unique functionality for freezing risky contracts in case of liquidation danger, user-friendly interface (WEB, IOS, Android), Built-in Bots Panel trading tool, opportunities for passive and instant income (Shadow Trading), Islamic Account and many other services, which will make it attractive for traders and investors of any level and profile.

As an existing Praem investor, you don’t just own PRM tokens, you are staking them. And in our view it has the same or even more potential than BNB tokens, and you know what has been the growth of these BNB tokens.

PRM Token is a special utility token, as well as a currency that will be publicly traded. The original issuance of the PRM token was 20 million, no additional issue is planned.

Only with this token will the user be able to pay for unique services and subscriptions at Praem Exchange.

With the development of the Exchange, this utility token will turn into a security. PRM Token will become an interesting asset, in which it is profitable to invest in order to resell.

We are proud to announce that our negotiations on Praem Exchange have been successfully completed.

Stay tuned, further announcements will come on Monday, including the new Praem roadmap.




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