More About Artificial Intelligence by Praem Capital

The term AI has been on the A-list of technologies for some time now. In fact, it plays a significant role in the Praem ecosystem, and since it still does raise a lot of questions, we want to make it clearer for you.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a set of algorithms dedicated to machine learning. These algorithms exhibit traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving or a set of rules to be followed in calculations. Machine learning is a particular process that is dedicated to training data sets. It works as follows, you compare various data sets (Big Data) and use different techniques of regression analysis like a support vector machine, aiming at predicting an outcome. The more data set you to train, the more you can identify patterns, therefore increasing the validity of the prediction. What is amazing is if you correlate data sets that have apparently nothing to do with each other and apply machine learning to them, the level of accuracy of the prediction increases drastically.

Artificial intelligence that was created and trained by the Praem team using several independent bots with dedicated tasks: technical analysis of markets, fundamental analysis of markets, sentiment analysis of markets, semantic data analysis.

Each bot has a different task that they perform and learn from, each iteration helps fine-tune their parameters for increased accuracy. For fundamental and technical analysis, there is ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence), which conducts a technical and fundamental analysis of the Crypto and Forex markets. For semantic analysis, we have a separate Natural Language Processing ANI algorithm. It is needed to analyze social networks, tweets of short messages, news feeds, etc. Cognitive computing is needed to obtain the best possible solution given the context and evidence from artificial intelligence. It is hard to imagine how much data this mechanism needs to analyze to confirm the validity of a single trade in the market. This greatly reduces the risks associated with trading. It improves the performance of trading bots and has become an indispensable part of the ecosystem. It comprehensively analyzes social, economic, and political data, then makes decisions and valuable recommendations for trading bots.

The likelihood of errors decreases since solutions to complex investment problems are based on the study of previous records of transactions and a set of algorithms for their execution.

The price of the token depends on the total capitalization of Praem, which is made up of excess profits from transactions and the market value of AI. The more transactions bots make, the more data AI receives for training. As its IQ level rises, it rises in value.