Praem Capital Will Make Cross-Niche Trading Possible

A private blockchain provides distributed storage of information and fully automates all elements of the ecosystem: it synchronizes the technical skills of bots and the vast knowledge of AI, bringing to life the idea of ​​highly profitable cross-niche trading across five different markets. Thanks to the blockchain, AI instantly communicates information to bots and can create cascading interconnected transactions.

Based on their logic, bots and algorithms create blocks in a chain where data about a specific position is located. AI analyses and verifies blocks with deals, connecting them in chains to synchronize all data.

Without a Blockchain, bots and algorithms make decisions based on the given market parameters without synchronizing with each other. But thanks to the full synchronization of tools and the distribution of data on the Blockchain, bots, and algorithms will receive instant recommendations from AI, continually improving their work.

Blockchain and Cross-Niche Trading

Synchronizing the work of bots and Artificial Intelligence using Blockchain will ensure Praem Capital’s innovative idea — cross-niche trading. The idea is to find profitable trade entries and execute them in several different markets simultaneously.

A Cross-Niche Trading Case Example

There is a lot located on the Blockchain for the purchase of Real Estate in Turkey. Considering all the facts that the market is at a very low point — the recent elections, the government’s new economic policy, and the rate of LIRA on Forex to USD, our AI predicts economic growth in Turkey for the next year. The real estate growth forecast outperforms regular transactions’ profitability for this period in the Forex and crypto markets.

Besides, another persecution of miners begins in China, which will lead to a decrease in Bitcoin value. To avoid a Bitcoin drawdown, the AI ​​forms a block in the Blockchain that instructs the crypto bot to exchange BTC for USD.

AI also forms a block for a Trend bot on the Forex market, indicating to make a deal to exchange USD for LIRA at a particular time, subject to an increase in the dollar rate, which is caused by the rise in stock indices in the United States. After that, the transaction is made to buy real estate in Turkey.

As a result:

1. By the time real estate improves, and Bitcoin is at a low rate, the profit of a real estate transaction will be 37%, while the average gain for the real estate market is only 8–11%.

2. When selling this property during the projected growth of Bitcoin, the yield will be 120% relative to the position for which bitcoin was exchanged initially.



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