Praem Token Sale update

Praem Capital
2 min readApr 24, 2021


Dear Praem Capital community!

The main purpose of the “Token Sale” was to raise the “Soft Cap” by attracting a large number of retail investors.

Praem Capital’s partnership with the Hedge Fund was directly linked to the interest in our technology and investment solutions.

The uptrend of Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins hit hard at attracting investors via “Token sale”. Due to the inability to act in the current environment and the difficulty of predicting the “Soft Cap” reach, we announce the end of our partnership with the Hedge Fund.

The Fund returns the unclaimed amount from the 6mln tokens allocated to it during the issue of PRM tokens in the amount of 5,520,245 PRM. The Hedge Fund leaves itself 479,755 PRM for past funding.

At this stage of development, there is no way to fully synchronize the AI and bots without human participation. Without a partnership with the Hedge Fund, we consider it inappropriate to continue the process of training our algorithms using borrowed funds, due to the impossibility of providing insurance for trade balances.

Despite the end of the “Token Sale”, we continue our activities in accordance with the recently published roadmap. As we said in the first announcement, we attracted investments to develop the main part of the ecosystem — Praem Exchange.

Offer for “Token Sale” investors prior to the launch of Praem Exchange

The period of Praem Exchange establishment will be very important and interesting for Praem Capital and its investors. We have prepared two options for you to choose from.

By choosing to stay with Praem:

  • All users’ balances will be transferred to Praem Exchange and available for trading or withdrawal without any restrictions.
  • Staking PRM tokens prior to the opening of the Praem Exchange.

By choosing to leave the project:

  • Return all PRM tokens and get your initial investment back (Exact date to be announced in 2 weeks).