Trading, Scalping and Trend Bots — Praem Capital Reveals More Details About Technologies

Step by step we are sharing more information about the best technologies used by Praem Capital.

A trading bot is a program that is configured to perform repetitive actions. Bots are designed to trade automatically according to a predefined set of criteria. Trading bots make decisions for the user based on current orders, price movements in the markets, market volume, and other additional parameters configured to cause the bot to be more versatile.

Praem Capital trading bots reduce risks to a minimum, allowing you to extract maximum profit from the market. Besides, they:

1. cover more transactions;

2. process transactions at high speeds;

3. free trading from subjective factors;

4. Ensure smooth operation.

Praem trading bots are designed to trade the Forex, cryptocurrency, and stock markets smoothly.

The main disadvantage of the technology is that a trading bot is not artificial intelligence. The bot will not identify the best strategies and tune itself to achieve the markets’ most extraordinary profits. A trading bot will be as effective as it is configured to be. Bots perform well and repeat algorithms, but nothing more. This is why it is essential to use advanced AI in addition to a trading bot.

The bot’s main task is to implement many transactions in a short time, identify the direction of trend changes in the markets, determine the most favorable time to complete transactions, and generate profits from the difference in purchase and sale.

Scalping bots are distinguished because when working on Forex and crypto markets, they execute many transactions at once in a short period (positions are opened for no more than a day).

In March 2017, the Praem Capital team has developed it’s first crypto scalping bot. The first version of the scalping bot demonstrated high profitability rates — 10–12% per month, which prompted the Praem Capital team to continue developing in this direction.

In May 2017, a new algorithm was created for the largest trading platform — Forex. The collapse in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 led to an update of existing algorithms, after which the bot showed only 20% less profit than during the 2017 uptrend.

The use of innovative Artificial Intelligence technology has provided Praem Capital with new opportunities to modify existing algorithms, resulting in an increase in 15–20% profits per month compared to previous quarters.

With the price of bitcoin rising, our development team focused on updating the algorithms. We demonstrated a completely new Trend Bot, which maximized profits during these volatile times in the market. Trend bots work in the longer term in the Forex, crypto, and stock markets. The basic principle of their work is to identify trend changes in the markets and make transactions at the most favorable time.

As a result of using the new bot, the profit increased by 40% compared to the previous version. At the end of 2017, the Praem Capital team decided to test Forex algorithms in the stock market, which led to a 65% decrease in profits than in the Forex market.

During the “cryptocurrency crisis” of 2018, the trend bot algorithms were updated, due to which the bot showed only 20% less profit than during the 2017 uptrend.

In April 2018, our developers refined the algorithms for the stock market, which led to increased profitability and increased security levels. The bots showed improved results, a 25% increase in profitability compared to the previous version. Strong market growth in July 2019 and bot updates contributed to a 5–7% monthly increase in profits.

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