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2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Praem Capital

The Praem Capital team would like to announce important project updates: Starting February 24, the token sale terms will change!

(Pay attention to investment plan updates)

The Praem Capital team has been successfully paying profits to its investors for the last 2 months.

At the start of the project, the hype around bitcoin happened; on the other hand, it helped make good money, reflected in the token rate (rate growth by 33% in 2 months). However, it prevented the project from attracting investments.

In this regard, We decided to extend the Public token sale for another 3 months.

Praem Capital wants to remind you that the token sale stage is the most profitable for investors due to the token rate’s growth and the percentage income from trading bots.

Now let’s talk about the updates.

1) Praem Capital is changing the structure of investment plans (decomposition of investment plans). Before investing, you can immediately choose a plan (nominal value of the investment plan), including the yield, % of insurance, and access to the niches at the ecosystem stage.
Please note: investment plans $50 and $100 are no longer available. Instead of $50 and $100 plans, Praem Capital will offer additional plans of $5000 and $10000+

2) The second important update on the platform is Staking.

Many of the community probably already know or at least have heard about this functionality.

As you know, Praem Capital’s smart contract restricts the sending of tokens.

So, the Praem Capital team has come up with a great idea of allowing investors to use the new functionality. Each investor can invest their tokens in Staking and receive up to 12.5% monthly in PRM tokens.

A total of 500K PRM tokens will be allocated for Staking.

3) Also, We want to announce important news — the Bounty campaign is extended! The number of places to participate in the bounty campaign is strictly limited: we will close the campaign as soon as the number of participants reaches 7000!

You still have a chance to participate and Earn PRM tokens!

Stay tuned for the project updates. Invest with Praem Capital for a guaranteed profit.